Monday, June 02, 2008

Roscoe P. Coltrane

This is how my dog Roscoe and I sleep in South Phoenix.

No matter what, it's better than the Rheaume's house. I love my dog, he is so cute. I have never had a dog before that was all my own. He's an Queensland Healer mixed with a American Bulldog. I always wanted to go camping with a dog. I always wanted to be that guy. Very cool.

As for what Rob did with my car, FUCK HIM RIGHT IN HIS DICK NOSE. I am now done with him. I was going to get my hair cut today, but there was a Chinese lady that would have maybe done it, so I chose not to have it cut there. Bad feelings.

Everything else is going great.

What I also like is that Roscoe is Zoey's brother and I can bring him over for them to play together. Very cool.

I know have to go and take Roscoe home. He wants to play.

I love you guys and will see you later.


Mrs. H said...

That is funny and after the gunshots I heard the other night, yu may want to sleep there. LOL
Love our puppies they are fun.

Anonymous said...

Phillip-You have to be emotionally 12 years old to actually think that any one in this house treated you poorly and to speak of hate. We scrubbed, cleaned up after you and paid for your daily supplies as well; watched you write racial slurs about my wife and called her a bitch, yet we chose the higher road: Quite frankly my wife was the one who stopped me from hospitalizing you back in February, so you should be thanking her. We have been struggling to make our lives better and we really didn't appreciate you paying your rent 2 to 4 weeks late only to have you sitting around bragging about some over-priced gadget you bought yourself and all your friends. My wife was sick of watching me cater to you every time you had raised even the slightest complaint which BTW caused arguments. You and I had the discussion that things would change when Mei came and again when Kylee would be born and you new you would eventually have to leave. Yet you act as if you were treated poorly, well I'm sorry our life does work around your odd schedule. As for that ugly car you have been towing around for 8+ years, we gave you 2 attempts to take it off our property despite you publicly expressed hate and bigotry. But when you wrote you hated us that was the last straw. I am too busy work, fixing up this house and taking care of my family to be wiping your ass. Your a big boy and should stop getting butt-hurt when you read into things. Your laziness and financial indispensability makes you nothing more than a liability for this honest and hard working family and with a child in this house we have no room for deranged bigots like you in our lives. Quite frankly we were and are concerned for the safety of our child knowing how you are...It's quite creepy to say the least.

As for the rest of you who sat by and watched for your entertainment? You can join him. I could go on, but I will leave it at that.

Good riddens,

Rob and family.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Ok WOW that was quite a message from Rob. The only thing I can say is that of course we listened to what you said about life there, because after numerous attaemts at getting in touch with Rob and Mei we never ever got a response. Is it because we are friends with you? I don't know, that would be fucked up, all my friends do not have to get along. Oh well whatever. See like I said before I think the word hate is horrible, but that is your word you chose, not mine. Of course I stuck around and watched all this unfold online, because I love you Phillip and you at least would respond to an email or a phone call.I know Todd was pretty bummed when he would not get a call back from Rob, but he got over it. I guess he was a victim of guilt by association.

I love you and cannot wait to see when I am out there! I would sleep tight with your puppy too, that is a scary neighborhood to live in. I lived in a bad one once at 14th Street and Thomas and remember holding 7 month old Will on my chest one New Year's Eve counting the bullets that hit the roof! EEEEKKSSS!!!

I think you are a great friend and I think it is ridiculous for anyone to be scared for their child because of you, I know how much you love kids and you were more concerned for their baby then anything. You can watch my kids anytime!

Mrs. H said...

"As for the rest of you who sat by and watched for your entertainment? You can join him. I could go on, but I will leave it at that."

Yes, I also sat by, just like I sat by while you wrote horrible, hateful and what some might consider prejudice against fat people, towards Bill, who was also a friend at the time. The unfortunate part in all that is that I responded to and commented back on your posts and lost Bill as a friend. It has been over 2 years now and he has just finally agreed to let me see his boys when they are in Phoenix. I was not allowed to see them at all last summer and they were not even allowed to call us because of your blogs. That hurt my family and the boys.

So, I made a point to never say anything in regards to you and Phillip when he blogged. His problems w/ his living situation had nothing to do w/ anybody else. It is his place to write whatever he wants, just as it was yours when you wanted to bitch about Bill and Jenn. The most I ever wrote in regards to anything in this current situation, is that 'hate is a strong word.

You have not been a friend or even attempted to be one in months now. The only thing we have heard from you is some shitty email that you want your stuff back and to get ours back from you and that your time is valuable.

There is no reason everyone still can't be friends with everyone else, with the exception of you and Phillip of course, but whatever it is what it is and I will not lose any sleep over it. If you are lumping Dave in w/ all of this then that is unfortunate too as he didn't know of any of this until Saturday and for some reason still wants to be your friend.