Sunday, June 22, 2008

Work and Blu Ray

Here lately I have been really hating work. I am hoping that it will all pass, but I am unsure. My days off are supposed to be Saturday and Sunday. Well last week I had to work on Sunday for 6 hours, and now tonight I have to work for 8 hours. It just pisses me off. I try and get things covered and then other stuff pops up and fucks the whole plan up. It could be worse I guess. I am only working at the ballroom. That is very easy. I just sit in a ballroom and watch equipment, and movies on my laptop. No ditches to dig, or angry callers to deal with. Very simple.

I am still loving living by myself and having a dog.

This is the new HDTV that I bought yesterday. Well actually my friend Shawn put it on his credit card and I will make the payments. It's a 46 inch Sony. It was a Hell of an ordeal just to get some help and then find the best price. Although, it was all worth it after I hooked it up and played a PS3 game on it and then played a BLU RAY movie on it. The BLU RAY movies look so AWESOME on the tv. Very cool. 1893.21 is what I owe. Mrs. H. is worried that none of my bills will get paid, but they will. I just have to organize the days that my bills will be paid. I have figured it out and I do have enough money it's just the organization that needs work.

I love you all and wish you the best. I have to know go and figure out who I can call in to work for me tonight. I haven't seen my sister/friend Kris since last Saturday night. Talk to you all soon.


Mrs. H said...

I am glad you are pleased with your purchase. I still do think you are crazy adding on more bills at this point in time, but you are a big boy.

I actually miss you, it is weird not having you around for so long.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Do what I o Phillip- BUDGET- ifyou have so much come ot f each check rather then sav and pay all at nce it is much easier. I lov you and cannot wait t see you@

MOVIEMAN said...

I miss you too my friend. I am sitting in the dark waiting and looking for a cat burglar. Frankly I think it's ridiculous. Why would someone steal cats? I will have to bring the people magazine tomorrow. No time tonight. I love and miss you very much.