Friday, July 18, 2008

Special Day Off.......Yeah Right!

Well the other day I went to a meeting with Ricoh and told him that I wanted the 18th off for a friend of mine's party. That would be Serjio, for those of you who are wondering. Ricoh said sure. I said that I also wanted the next weekend off so that my dad and I could go to Colorado together. He really wants to show me Colorado. Ricoh said that that was fine also. Then when John showed up at the meeting, Ricoh told him that he would be working for me. John actually said that that was fine. See I was actually switching his Friday off for my Saturday off. The next weekend John was just going to work on his days off and that is how I will be able to go to Colorado.

Well here it is July 18th. I had remembered in the middle of the week that the guy that normally works Airport Hilton had asked for it off. Now I have a guy that could work it, but he has tattoos on his forearms and therefore can't work the Hilton. So now I have to go in there and work it. From 3pm to 11pm is what I will be working. Unless some miracle happens and I get out of it. So that's what's going on for now.

For a bit of the lighter side of things......

I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. I went by myself, because I had been waiting forever to see this movie. I will tell you all that it is AWESOME.

I really hope Heath Ledger gets a Postumous Oscar for his role as the JOKER. He is creepy, funny, sadistic, and twisted. It's ashame that Heath Ledger died, but what a way to go out. Just like Brandon Lee. R.I.P. you guys.

Now back to work stuff.

Well the economy is bad and we are losing a bunch of accounts just because of whatever. Plus one of our guards stole like an 8,000 dollar check out of the guard house. He confessed to it after about a month of our personal and police investigation. With the accounts going away, they are talking about budget cuts. That means they will start with supervisor's pay. They are already buckling down on the gas expenditures. 12,000 dollars we spent in the month of June. On the 14th of July we had already spent 7,000 dollars. So times are tough right now, but I hope we pull through it. I am sure that we will.

I love you all. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.

I am going to go take a nice hot bath now.

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Mrs. H said...

sorry your job is suckingsuch ass. Too bad you are screwed and pretty much stuck there. I miss hanging. Waiting for you to wake up and call about movie. I figure we can all go I just can't buy any popcorn. I have a 20 in my wallet. Woo hoo.