Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Adventures of Phillip Duke In The San Juan Mountains

I believe I talked last time about how I was trying to get time off to go to Colorado with my father.

Well the time had come. On the morning of August 7th, dad and I left my house and headed for Colorado.

THE FOLLOWING ARE PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET NOT MY CAMERA, THOSE ARE TO FOLLOW LATER. All pictures are squished to fit on the blog. They don't look to good, but that's all I know to do. Sorry.

It was a nice trip. I thought that we might get on eachother's nerves but we didn't. It was a nice time for a father and son. I enjoyed letting dad tell me all about the places in Colorado that he has been. We started out just going up I-17 to Flagstaff. Then we headed through Navajo country to look at some Dinosaur tracks that are petrified in the rock in Northern Arizona. Dad loves three things the most; Dinosaurs, Tornados, and Colorado. On this trip I would see two of those things.

The place is just a little dirt parking lot off the side of the road with some wood signs pointing the way down the road before you get there. There are some native Americans that are selling there jewlery or that will be your tour guide through the tracks. They live up in the mountains about a mile away. It was really cool. They were Raptor tracks and they are in a perfectly straight line. Not just one here and one there, but a full 25 footprints in a row. Very awesome.

We left there and our next stop was Monument Valley. Now when you are driving through Monument Valley it is beautiful, but if you take a little road of the main road and pay 5 dollars per person, you will see even more beauty. Words and pictures don't do it justice, but then again it depends on the person.

We hung out there and just relaxed and looked at the view. Monument Valley had been in a lot of western movies I had seen and I had always wanted to go there. Now I've been in it was great. After that it got dark and we were into Colorado and heading for Cortez. That is where we were going to spend the night. Suddenly there were a couple of cars stopped in front of us on the road. We could see that a truck had went off the road and was on it's side. We stopped, put on the hazards (like everyone else), and got out to see what had happened. One of the guys that had called the police had told us that he got there shortly after it happened and there was a guy standing by the truck and he was saying not to call the police because they were fine. The guy called the police anyway, because that's his duty as a citizen. When he got out of his truck to talk to the guy, he was gone. The guy and the passenger just left. Nobody saw them. We walked up and down the road looking with a flashlight to see if we could see them and we found no one. Then the ambulance arrived and used their super duper spotlight and lit up the whole side of the mountain and still nothing. We got in my car and left. We arrived in Cortez and went to a bar.

At the bar we met some Native Americans named Ramone and Tyrone. They were real nice and we had a good talk. While dad was gone to the bar to get me some more beer, I was talking to Ramone. As I talked to him, he eyed me up and down. That's when it hit me that he was gay. I continued to talk to him and Tyrone. When dad arrived back by the pool tables, I whispered to him that Ramone was gay. My dad usually is slow to pick up on these things. NOT THIS TIME. He said, "Yeah, I know." I said, "What?". He said that he could tell by the way he was talking. Shortly after that dad and I were leaving to go sleep in the park and Ramone and Tyrone followed us outside. Tyrone was cool and headed to his car, but Ramone wanted to follow us, and was trying to come onto me or whatever. (I know that Kris is saying of course he was trying to CUM on you.) Ha Ha, very funny. Anyway, we got rid of him and headed to the park. Now dad said that he always sleeps in the park when he comes through. I said that I wanted to sleep in my car. I thought that that would be more comfortable. I WAS SO WRONG. Being as I was in the car sleeping, I put the keys on top of the back tire, because I had heard from someone that was an excop that that's what you do. Otherwise they can bust you for intending to drive drunk, eventhough you aren't driving. In the middle of the night, I was woke up by something. I don't know what. I checked out the window and there was a police car parked behind my car. I got out and spoke to the police officer. He asked if there was any problems. I explained to him that I was just sleeping. He said, "Ok, have a good night." The next day dad woke me up and we drove to Denny's. Dad went in and I stayed in the car and slept. I felt bad because he was waiting for me to come in st any minute. I LOVE MY SLEEP THOUGH. Then we headed to SILVERTON.

This was such a peaceful place. I fucking loved it. We walked through town and went to this old hotel that is for sale and I told dad that he should see about buying it. It's just sitting there empty. I can't explain this place, but I hope the picture does it justice. It is in a valley between the mountains. Every once in awhile you can hear the old steam train pull into town. SO awesome. We spoke to a bartender in the bar there and he said that he had been there for 13 months and he loved it. He was staying in a house about a block and a half away and said that the other night he was sitting on his back porch, drinking his Whiskey, looking at the moon over the mountains, and said to himself, "Donald Trump doesn't have it this good." That is exactly how dad and I felt. I told dad that he definatley had to move here. I talked dad into going into a Jeep tour place that had a help wanted sign up. He did but they had already hired some young kid, and it was only for cleaning the jeeps. Dad asked the guy if there were any cheap places stay around there. The guy, Steve, told dad to go see a woman named Rosanna. He explained that her manager had ran off with all of her money and she would give us a good deal on a room. We went and saw her. She told us that we could have the entire downstairs to ourselves for 35 bucks, or 2 nights for 40. We agreed for the 2 nights. It was a cool comfortable little place. It had 5 rooms upstairs, but downstairs was more like a hostel. It had 2 bunk beds in the the bedroom (like old style), a living room, and a bathroom. It was called the Outsider's Inn, but Rosanna couldn't put up a sign because she didn't have a license to rent rooms to people. That place was also for sale. The price for that was 280,000 dollars. Not too shabby for where it was. Also, your job would be to live in the kick ass town and rent rooms to people from all over the United States. Plus you could live on the first floor where dad I stayed. Well after we rented the room, dad wanted to go see his girlfriend in Ouray. She is a waitress there. So that's where we headed.

Sorry that this is so long but it was a four day trip and I am only on the end of day two. I am going to have to continue this story later. I hope that you enjoyed it so far. I love you all and thank you for reading.

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Mrs. H said...

Cool, I am glad you had some bonding time w/ Sr. Life is too short.

BTW, did Christine die or was that a dream I had?

Love you, it was nice hanging for a bit last night, don't stay so late keeping my Mother up though next time. Thanks!