Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching Up On The Things That Matter

Didn't know what to call the blog, but that's what came to mind. Nobody has really been reading my blogs, but then again I haven't been writing them that much either.

Several things are going on right now.

1. I received a little more responsibility back from the bosses. They gave me a new account that starts on October 1st.

2. I won those two bets with John. He paid me a dollar and then bought me a 7 dollar pizza. So we are even.

3. I never really finished telling you guys about my Colorado trip, but then again nobody else commented except for Kris. So I don't know if I will finish it.

4. Just watched the new Knight Rider Tv series and it was pretty horrible. I don't remember it being that bad when I used to watch the old one. I may watch one more episode and if it doesn't get better than I will stop watching it. Still that GTKR500Mustang is awesome.

5. I just watched the Bucket List the other day and I cried like a baby. I also watched Donnie Darko and it was VERY weird.

6. I'm loving my dog and my house.

7. Right now I'm doing what I usually do before a new Bond film starts, and that's watching all the previous Bond films. The NEW BOND film looks awesome. It's called Quantum of Solace, and it takes place 20 minutes after Casino Royale.

As for now, I am going to leave and go home. Just hung out with Kris for the night and now I will go and enjoy the rest of my night off.

Take care everyone and have a great day in whatever you do.

I love you all.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Never Bet Against My Talents

Along time ago in Phoenix, Arizona a young man named Phillip Duke II told his friend that Johnny Depp was in A Nightmare On Elm Street. She laughed and said that Phillip was wrong.

Cut to: Years later and I finally was able to prove my point. That was only because she enjoys giving me a hard time.

Now for a little about me. This is in case you don't know me. I have tons of useless movie info in my head. I am also a HUGE James Bond fan. Something else that I have been studying since the end of last November are MUSTANGS. Not the horse, the car.

So tonight I am talking to the other Supervisor, J. Egbert. Me, him, and the boss start talking about Transformers. Keith, the boss, hadn't seen the movie. He was asking what it was about. I explained it to him. Then I explained what kind of things transform. There's a Camaro, a helicopter, a diesel, a Mustang that's a police car, and all kind of other things.

J. Egbert says, "No, that's not a mustang. It's a Charger."
I said, "No, it's a mustang."
"I swear it's a charger."
"The police car?"
"I'll bet you 500 dollars."
"I don't have 500 dollars."
"Ok, 20"
"How about a dollar?"
We shake.

Now I always make the mistake of jumping right to a big amount when I know that I am right. 96 percent of the time I am right. Sometimes I am wrong. That would explain why I owe Kris 1,000,000 dollars.

Well here's what I know.

How dare you bet against the two things I love, movies and mustangs.

Then just about a minute after that I start telling them how I am watching all 21 Bond films before the new movie comes out. I told them that on Saturday morning I watched Goldfinger and Thunderball. John says that Thunderball is his favorite. Keith explains how he was scared of Oddjob. The Japanese guy with the hat in Goldfinger. John then explains how he went in 1973 and saw Diamonds are Forever with his parents.
He said, "Even though I don't like Roger Moore, it was pretty good."
I said, "Well it's a good thing you don't like Roger Moore, because he wasn't in that, Sean Connery was."
"I could swear it was Roger Moore."
"Want to bet another dollar?"

I wonder what I will do with my 2 dollars?

Probably give it to Kris to pay off the million.

I love you all. Thanks for reading.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Pimp My Ride

This was before the upgrade. It was great and I loved it, but no machine guns. MTV came and PIMPED MY RIDE!

I love it now even more.

In case you can't tell, that's me standing next to my Mustang. (No, I'm not the girl.) The machine guns are for when those old fucking people get in my way in Sun City I can shoot them and make them crash. That in turn frees the road up for me. Stupid old people. LOL!

Just something silly that I thought I would write.

Have a great day everyone.