Thursday, September 25, 2008

Catching Up On The Things That Matter

Didn't know what to call the blog, but that's what came to mind. Nobody has really been reading my blogs, but then again I haven't been writing them that much either.

Several things are going on right now.

1. I received a little more responsibility back from the bosses. They gave me a new account that starts on October 1st.

2. I won those two bets with John. He paid me a dollar and then bought me a 7 dollar pizza. So we are even.

3. I never really finished telling you guys about my Colorado trip, but then again nobody else commented except for Kris. So I don't know if I will finish it.

4. Just watched the new Knight Rider Tv series and it was pretty horrible. I don't remember it being that bad when I used to watch the old one. I may watch one more episode and if it doesn't get better than I will stop watching it. Still that GTKR500Mustang is awesome.

5. I just watched the Bucket List the other day and I cried like a baby. I also watched Donnie Darko and it was VERY weird.

6. I'm loving my dog and my house.

7. Right now I'm doing what I usually do before a new Bond film starts, and that's watching all the previous Bond films. The NEW BOND film looks awesome. It's called Quantum of Solace, and it takes place 20 minutes after Casino Royale.

As for now, I am going to leave and go home. Just hung out with Kris for the night and now I will go and enjoy the rest of my night off.

Take care everyone and have a great day in whatever you do.

I love you all.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

Oh honey I posted and then lost the whole thing by hitting a worng button. I love you and your stories! Please finish it up. I need to post about life myself. Please give our mutual BFF and her girls hugs and kisses from me!

Mrs. H said...

You were supposed to give me that 2.00 to start paying off the million you owe me. I would have even taken a 7.00 pizza as payment. LOL

I love you and most of your stories, when they don't bore me to tears.

Can't wait to ride the roller coaster.

MOVIEMAN said...

Sorry about the 2 dollars or a 7 dollar pizza. I thought the double stuff oreos were a good partial payment.

I'm glad that you enjoy my stories when they don't bore you to tears. You wonder why I'm suicidal?

By roller coaster I beleive you mean MY COCK!

Oh wait, no, you mean roller coaster. Should be fun, but you'll never come over and ride it.

MOVIEMAN said...

I'm glad that you both love my stories. I will finish my Colorado adventure story.

I love and miss you DivaPrincess.