Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World events and other shit

Kris didn't know who Clark Gable was. We were watching a reality show with his grand daughter in it. Well there you go.

Something else that's interesting is this 8 year old that killed his father. They are unsure if the boy did it by himself or if someone else did it. That little son of a bitch should be tried as an adult. They should probably just hang the fucker. Really I'm not sure, but I was going to go off about this whole situation. I got bored after I wrote the first sentence of this paragraph.

So now, I think I will write about work. I am now the Godlen boy again. I know that I've said that before. End of the month is coming and that means BONUS. Also, the end of December will be a BIG CHRISTMAS BONUS. The thing with that though is that I owe Kris's mom like 600 dollars. So, I will pay her and then maybe have some left to buy tint or stripes for Gina, my mustang. All is good right now. I'm loving it.

Some other things are that some business got in trouble the other day for having their customers bet on when President Obama would be killed. The Secret Service stepped and made them stop. It's a free country the last time that I checked. If I want to say that Obama may me dead in 6 months is only my opinion. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Oh well, I will talk to you all later.

I love you guys.

Peace out.


Mrs. H said...

Not entirely true. I know he's some old dead actor, I just probably couldn't pick him out of a crowd of 1.

Still don't know enough about the boy to comment.

I would hope you would get a new iPod rather than stripes for Gina. At least that way I don't have to hear u bitching all the time. I'll give u 50 bucks for yours since it is such a piece of shit. LOL. Or Sirius. That would be money better spent also. Just my opinion, but like u said ur an asshole. Or was that opinions?Aw well! Either way works. LOL

Love you and see u tonight.

Dakini said...

My moms dad looked just like him! With the exception my grandfather had icy blue eyes.