Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm in a Good Place

Something funny I found from google images under the word, "Happiness". Shawn asked me the other day how I was doing. I told him that I was doing very well. I'm in a great place in my life right now. I know that I've said that alot, but it's good to see it every once in awhile.

First of all for Christmas I got an 800 dollar bonus from the owners of the company. The cool thing with that is that we also got a bonus at the end of the month. That one was 350 dollars. Very cool. :)

Now the semi bad thing is.....
On Saturday morning I was pulled over by the police.
The reasons were.....
Expired Tags. (Nov. 08)
No License Plate Light.
License Plate Cover covering up the word ARIZONA. (New 2009 law.)
No Current Address in system on AZ Drivers License.
Proof of Insurance not in the car.

I fixed them all. It should be fine. I hope the judge will throw it all out being as it's fixed. I will find out on January 27th.

Things are going so great at work. The owner, Keith, has been giving me all kinds of treats. Money, his wife makes me food, and he compliments me on the work I do. I love it.

Now for some stories.
The other day my dad and I were at the bar and some guys behind us were talking about towel heads. I just thought it what kind of funny for someone to be racist out in the open like that. (Not that it's ok to be racist in the privacy of your own home, but it is a human right.) They were older guys and that's just how they were. I just found it funny and weird.

Another story is that I am also happy about my life, because I still LOVE GINA. My mustang is awesome. What I don't like is what the new 2010 Mustang looks like.

2006 Mustang GT

1010 Mustang GT

So there it is. I finally wrote a blog.

Not that you care but I also started a blog that will show Gina in different locations. Who knows if I'll keep it up though.

It's under

I will try to put it on the side there, but I don't have much time or even remember much of how to do it.

Mrs. H. if you could help me out and also connect Todd's blog to mine, then that would be way cool.

Thank you ladies very much for reading.

Have a great day and a great year.


Mrs. H said...

Done and I took out your DVDspot link since you said they were shut down. Found a place called that has just started you may want to try that one.
It was fun hanging last night. Thanks for all the delicious scraps of leftovers you brought me.

LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

LOL too funny, your love affair with your Mustang :-) I love you and miss you!

Dakini said...

Matty also knows a guy that runs a special mustang website that you might like to belong to. I'll get the details fro him for you.