Monday, February 02, 2009

Boobs, bullets, and beer

Of course you all know about my OBSESSION with breasts. Well, this picture always cracks me up because Sophie Loren, who had a great set eventhough it doesn't look like it in the picture, is staring at Jane Mansfield's breasts. I believe that she is thinking that they are going to fall out at any moment. A little side note is that later Jane Mansfield would die in a car accident. She was decapitated. Poor thing.

I hope my obsession is a healthy one.

As for the bullet. There's a guy named Vinh, and he goes to the bar that dad and I go to in the morning sometimes. The guy is always there. He is a government contractor and makes real good money, so I guess that he can sit there all day and drink. No worries for him. Well, he is going to Jerusulem on February 14th. He is really scared because there's some crazy shit going on there right now. He always mentions how he's going over and doing his part for the United States Government. I appreciate him doing that but it seems like he may go a little bit overboard with it. Don't get me wrong, he's a great guy. He's always giving his food to the homeless guys on the corner or whatever. Anyway the other day we were talking about how he is going over there, and I asked him what kind of side arm he had. Whether they issue him one or if he takes his own? He informed me that they issued him an HK 9mm. I told him that I shot one of those and that it is a great gun. He then started talking about the magazine. Then he said that he had the magazine in his car and if I wanted something to remember him by. He said, "I could give you a bullet and then you'd have something to remember me by." I told him that I would hold on to it, and WHEN HE CAME BACK, I would give it back to him. He then went outside and brought the bullet back to me. I know have it at home on my DVD shelf.

Sorry for that boring story, but I just found it a little interesting. I can't explain right now all the thoughts in my head.

Don't think that I was going to write anything about beer. I just needed something that went along with Boobs, bullets, and beer. I do have MGD in my fridge at home. Todd if you're reading this, I do still drink the Bud Light. Although my dad says that I need to drink regular Bud because I need to gain weight and not lose any.

That is all for now. I don't know if I told you guys that my boss bought me an internet card thing from Cricket. It is way cool. I can now blog from home. OR Watch alot of free porn videos. I mean, do my work realated stuff.

I love you all.

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Mrs. H said...

You and your boob obsession. Anyway enough about boobs but the bastards at security today had to check out my DVD player and they didn't put it back in the case. Didn't discover until about 2 hours ago. Aw well. Guess you'll have to buy me another one. No, my dad has already picked it up and will send it to me.
Love you.