Monday, March 16, 2009

Windmills In My Mind

I haven't written for awhile. Nobody reads this anymore except for maybe two of my friends. That would be Kris and Jamie. I will still write as if I have a HUGE following. Could happen. LOL.

Gee, where to start.

Well, I am still happy with my job. I do wish that it paid what it used to, that would help me and Kris out very much. HAHA. I have been getting 700 dollar bonuses every month instead of 350, and that is very nice. Right now I am sitting in a guard house surfing the internet and I just finished watching a movie. Not to bad for work. I'm not digging ditches, putting or tearing off roofs, or doing yard work. With Arizona having the highest unemployment rate in the United States, I feel very lucky to not only have a job, but a pretty kick ass job. I know some of you may say, "But you're just a security guard." I could give a shit. I check some doors, sit in a guard house and watch tv or surf the internet, and patrol around and check on my employees. I wouldn't trade that for anything at this moment. Other than to Direct a movie, but that's another story.

Serjio and I are still working on the treatment for the Mexican Gangster Comedy movie. I wanted to call it Mexican Me, you know like American Me. Anyway, we have some great ideas and some funny jokes. We are almost to the end. As soon as we figure out the ending, which will probably be Tuesday, then I can start on the script. I love writing, creating whole stories right out of my imagination. I've written 2 full movie scripts and 3 short movie scripts. This will be the 3rd full movie script, but it will be different. I have never written a comedy, and I have never written something that I've created with someone else 50/50. Should work out pretty good. Whether we really make this thing or not, it'll still be an interesting and fun experience.

Something right now that's bothering me is that I really want to figure out what to do with my HUGE backyard. Plus, I want to hire somebody to clean my front and back yard. Then I need to have my dad move his Chevy Cavalier out of my driveway. Also I need to get some used tires put on my 61 Oldsmobile that is also in the driveway. As soon as I move those, I can park my Mustang under the car port. I would really like to have an automated gate that opens when I push a button. So much work that I want to do to the place, but it all costs money. I've been thinking about pulling a Rob and getting a roommate, but I don't know because I like being alone. That's another thing. I have 3 rooms in my house. One room (the smallest) is my reading room, another room is my bedroom, and then the room next to mine is just sitting there empty. I mean, it's got some stuff in it but just a little storage. Connected to that room is the laundry room. So much that can be done. I was thinking about building a small room behind my bedroom that would have a jacquzzi in it. You would walk through the laundry room into the hot tub room. Maybe it would be like a sun porch. I just don't know. I still need to fix up the kitchen a little too. I want to redo the cabinets and the faucet. The whole interior could use a good paint job too. It's all white inside, except for the kitchen. The thing that I've noticed recently is that it's really dusty inside. I just need to get off my ass and clean everything first. Then figure out how to keep the air circulating so that I'm not breathing in dust. THOSE ARE MY DREAMS, SO FEEL FREE TO SHIT ALL OVER THEM. Ha ha.

Now on to a movie review. Don't worry, it's nothing huge.

Just watched Milk. Gay movies are interesting because I have to be in the mood for them. I'm far from Homophobic, but just watching guys kiss and roll around naked isn't something you can just watch right after a romantic comedy. So first lets go with my ANTI Milk slant.

Here is a picture of Harvey Milk from the movie, he's speaking to a group of gays.

Here is Hitler speaking to the Nazi's.

Now is it me or are the gays just like the Nazi's. Trying to organize and take over and make everyone go the gay way. I say FUCK NO to that. And the faggots wonder why I hate them so much. Well let's see, the Nazi's killed Jews, and the Faggots kill straightness in people. Basically they can all go to hell!

Seriously though, it was a good movie. Really crazy how he died and the guy that did it. Very cool.

That's all for now. I have to turn the computer off and get all my stuff ready to go home.

I love you all.

I will write more frequently from now on.


Mrs. H said...

Good for you on the movie stuff with Sergio. I think it is great u are still chasing ur dreams.

Allow me to be the first to shit on your house dreams... I don't think you need a roomate. Other than getting the cars out of your driveway so u can park yours I don't think you should spend any money on that house. It is never going to be yours so why blow money? Take all that money you want to spend and get your credit good and buy your own place somewhere.

Now thanks for ruining milk for me. No need to see it now. The pics I have seen more remind me of his previous character from I am Sam not hitler. I haven't seen it though and apparently thx to u I don't need to.

Love you and your well paying job.

MOVIEMAN said...

Thought that you knew how it ended. So sorry didn't even think that nobody knew the ending. Not like FUCKING John Tesh ruining My Girl for me. HE'S AN ASSHOLE.

Sorry about that. No you should still see it. My Girl and Milk. I know you've seen My Girl.

Cameron said at one point that they might sell me this house. I know that you hate though. No matter where I move though, you would never come over. It would just be nice to have the house how I would like it. I know what you mean though.

No that this is all out of order. Do you mean that I still chase my dream even though it's pointless because I am too old?

Love you my braless wonder. See now I can write it.

Mrs. H said...

Don't know why u feel slighted that I don't come over. I don't go to anybody elses house either. If Steph ever read your blog I think she would tell u I have been to her house in FL. as much as I had been to her apt when she lived in phx.

No it is only pointless in the fact that u haven't really done much with the scripts u have completed. U are still chasing ur dreams and I think that's awesome. My only dream is to win the lottery and I don't even chase that.

It's ok that u ruined the ending for me and ur entire blog audience. I don't know that I'll ever watch it anyway. LOL

MOVIEMAN said...

I know. It was pretty gay.

Serjio gets mad that I haven't sent any of my scripts in. I am afraid that they are no good. I know that the one is really good and just needs a rewrite.

I am not slighted. It's funny that I want to do something with the yard and my place, but I am the only one who will be enjoying it. Shawn's been over 2 or 3 times, but that's about it. I was just thinking that I could even maybe put a jacuzzi in the room with me. At least maybe in the room by the laundry room. Who knows. I just need to figure out something.

Braless, braless, braless woman. WOW BRALESS. Sorry I was side tracked. What was I saying. LOL.

Kidding. Your tits are probably down to your waist anyway. Gross!

(Did that seem sincere?) MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! I mean, gross.