Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20 Years of Friendship

Let me tell you all how the "Adventures of Kris and Phillip" began.

It was 1989, and an alien from Zulag landed on this planet. He confronted an earthling girl named Kris and they became fast friends. He offered to take him with her to his planet, but she had to have earth sex with him. She declined and tried to trick him into taking her to Zulag without the sex. She said that they could have sex when they got there. He explained to her that when he got there he wouldn't have his earth body. She then thought that was too outrageous of a story. That alien ended up leaving earth and never returned. Around the time that this alien landed on earth was the time that Kris and I met at the drive in movie theater. I believe you all know the story.

Anyway, it's been 20 years that we've been friends. We've a had a great run and it only get better. I don't know what else to write. I am pretty tired. Tonight I took us out to eat. The other day I bought her a small pink computer and she loves it. Before that I had written a poem for her. Then I wrote a song parody for her. After that I bought a card.

I gave these things to here last night. For me she wore a low cut outfit. I love me the boobs.

That's about it. I am very tired.

Sorry it's such a lame blog.


Mrs. H said...

well I am glad my last minute poem written on a napkin meant so much to you. LOL

Last night was super fun like always.

Love you my BFF!

MOVIEMAN said...

I am sorry. I was so tired last night that it slipped my mind. I really loved that poem. It was so quickly put together too. Awesome. You are great and I love you.