Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sometimes people annoy me.

Just went through the Jack in the Box drive thru tonight and as I looked in through the drive thru window, I noticed a teenage kid with his pants down to the middle of his ass and his hair like the kid in the picture. He wasn't showing any underwear because his shirt was covering it up, but still I wanted to climb through the window and punch him in the fucking face.

This week I went to Sedona with my friend Rachael. We had fun. The weather was perfect. I had trout and a beer and she had some kind of salad and a beer. Very nice. We went to the church that is built into the rock. So peaceful.

Then the next day we hiked South Mountain and then went and bought me a camera. We then ate at Subway and then later at a mexican place. We hung out with our friends that night and then headed to my house. She was very uncomfortable when Roscoe was barking at her and lunging at her feet. Then after I closed the gate and she was on the outside of it, she let him sniff her hand and then she came inside. I appologized for my house, but she said that she could see the potential in it. The next day we woke up and I took her to the airport and then went to hike South Mountain. I had fun.

I bought a digital camera and just have to buy a USB cable and then I will be good to download all my photos.

Ok well now that I wrote basically nothing. I am going to go back to talking to Joe on Facebook.

I love you guys or whoever is reading this very much.


Mrs. H said...

So did u lose ur cord or did it not come with one?

Anonymous said...

Hi phillip I love reading your stuff I find you an interesting person