Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Moving Pictures That Move Me So

I know you're thinking oh is this Phillip picking on the blacks again. No! Not on this blog. I wanted to say that I watched this movie and it was good. I had been putting it off. I had seen another Tyler Perry movie called Madea goes to Jail. That was funny with some drama in it. That one even had Rudy in it. No, not Sean Astin, but Rudy from the Cosby show. She sure has grown into a beautiful woman. Although, this newer movie didn't have Rudy in it, it was still good. So I recommend it to whoever might be reading this.

The other movie that I watched was This is It. It was ok, but not great. Would have maybe been cool to see how this concert would have been had he lived, but I guess not.

The movie that I just got done watching was Crazy Heart. It made me cry, but then again what doesn't make me cry. LOL! So there are 2 movies that I recommend.

I really wish that I could write some kind of great blog. I was rereading some of my old blogs and if I may say....They are GREAT! Very funny. I even got compliments from my friends Kris and Stephanie that it was great writing. So let me think of something.

Well for one that fucking oil leak is enough to drive me crazy. You would think that they would have some kind of back up plan for any kind of leak, but I guess not. IDIOTS!!!!!

Speaking of idiots. My friend/cousin Brig thinks that the Milky Way is going to be hit by some sort of an asteroid. She should just keep on surfing the internet and find out other beliefs and religions to follow. Hey you know what her and I have in common? I am working at an Indian resort, and she resorts to the Indians when she wants sympathy for any kind of major crisis. Fuck her and her indigenous ear holes. If they want to be an indigenous people then go live where they live and stop clogging up your western cultured Facebook status the crap that spews from your fingers. Go breastfeed your 9 year old and leave us alone. Go and find what cave Osama Bin Laden is hiding in and live there with him. We are a western culture for a fucking reason. I love America and all it stands for, the good and the bad. Give me a greasy cheese burger, chocolate milkshake, apple pie, football, Nike, Pepsi, and reality tv; over your Pagan worshipping, asteroid fearing, natural soaps, soy pizza, and hemp made furniture lifestyle any day. Gee where are you eating your soy shit? In your house? Is that located in Lima, OH USA? I believe it is. So shut the fuck up and stop being traitors of America. YOU MAKE ME SICK.

I don't know I just had to get that out I guess. Although, it all feels forced. It isn't flowing as much as those old ones did. So I am not really sure what to do about that. On the old ones it seemed that I wrote better when I was angry at someone.

The one person that I do hate. (I check the paper everyday for her obituary) If your still reading my shit then you can stop right now. Your a 4 eyed, whore, slut, bitch, blow someone for a sandwich, shit stain mark on society. The faster you leave this world the better off we will all be.

I can't really think of anyone else to write hateful things to. I will think about and write more later.

I hope you all like the new layout.

Keep the boobs shakin'. Love you all.



LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

WOW Holy Crap Mother Trucker! That was great. I could feel your anger LOL is the person who you are referring to someone not born in this country?

Oh and WOW wwhat happened with you and Brig? That threw me for a loop. I love you.

What is funny is just last week I was reading my old blogs since that was a great place to direct Sean so he could catch up on his dad and I meeting, his grandpa passing away, us moving, having his baby brother etc.

Well I miss you tons and love you very much!Call me sometime!

Mrs. H said...

Such anger from the guy who literally will stop to smell stupid little flowers!
Funny as usual.
Steph, he's referring to an actual whore, born in the USA. Catch my drift?