Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Midlife Questions

     Well it's been almost a year that I have written on this blog page. Much has happened in that year. I proposed to my girlfriend Danielle, Serjio and I slowed way down on the podcasting, and I started and never finished school. I am 40 years old and never focused on my education before. There are things that I enjoy doing, but it is a dream to think that I could do any of that now. Things like teaching Film, screemwriter, and director are things that I have pulled my head out of the clouds about.
     So now I am trying to figure out something that I would love to do, but that also pays well. Right now I am a Supervisor/Manager for a security company. I make good money, but this is definately not my vocational choice in life. I enjoy doing the podcast and my youtube videos, but wish that there was a way to make money just doing that. Unfortunately that is not the case. As it is even this blog only had one viewer recently, and that was me. So maybe every week I will write a new blog. I really need to get back into writing. I do enjoy it. I know that some of you are like, "This guy doesn't seem like a writer, look as his punctuation, and grammar?" Well I am trying.
     The most important thing right now is that I am so in love with Danielle. I can't believe that I went so long without ever being in a relationship. Things are so great, that I am happy every day.

     Well that's all for now.

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     Please enjoy and comment on my blog.

     Until next.....


Serjioh said...

Serjio and I slowed way down on the podcasting. Thats an understatment. Just keep seaching. We've always had fun searching for what was next in our life. It's not the end result that teaches you anything its the journey.Head up man we'll get back to podcasting, someday.

Mrs. H said...

Shit in your pockets and hands up your ass. It's just your way Philly. I'm so glad you have Danielle. Even though you didn't think you were lonely and sad there is a huge difference and you can tell how absolutely happy you are.

MOVIEMAN said...

Thanks guys. :-)