Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Alcoholics Anonymous, Singing in German, and Dead Babies

This week on the show my friend Shawn Hansen is my guest. He is a good friend of mine and a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. So if anyone needs help with any of that please go to  www.aa.org

We talked about our favorite movie scenes....



Shawn also told me about a you tuber named Comic Girl 19 and her video breakdown of the movie Prometheus.

Shawn hadn't seen the movie 16 Blocks by Richard Donner so here is the trailer.

Here is also a trailer for Jake Speed.

Shawn talked about his awesome semi-automatic Mossberg 900SPX shotgun. Here is a video of one in action.

Shawn and I love Rammstein so here is a music video.

Here is the Time.com article that I read.

And this is a really cool movie/documentary/zen like thing that is just awesome. It's called Baraka, and here is the trailer.

We had a great time. So subscribe to the podcast on Itunes under It's Kind Of A Funny Podcast or go to itskindofafunnypodcast.podbean.com

Have a nice day and a wonderful week.

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