Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sidney Crawford and Flags In Our Assholes

This week the show was a rerun from December 10th, 2011. It had originally aired on our godaddy page. Forgive the brand new intro of the podcast where I explain when the podcast was and I say the wrong title. (I was recording that in an airport and had some other things on my mind. 

The first thing we pretty much start talking about is a knee licker. Here is the link

We also mention Peter from Family Guy scraping his knee.

I mention how cute Puss is when he drinks milk.

If you live in Japan you can get this app, but beware because if you are late it will embarrass you. Here is the link

Here is my proposal video, but youtube pulled the music off of it. (The music that played was Billy Joel's Just the way you are.)

Serjio said that I shouldn't have any kind of regular wedding music, because I am white trash. So I should play this as we walk down the aisle.

Serjio and I talk about sticking a flag in my asshole, and I thought of this.

Serjio said that he liked Fast Five. Here is the trailer.

I talk about loving road heist movies and I mention the Road Warrior.

I talk about how Ishtar was an ok movie when I saw it, but I just watched the trailer and it is pretty bad.

We talk about the special effects of Green Lantern.

I love this actress that played Aunt May, and I love this scene.

I talk about watching Iron Man 2 and what a good actor Mickey Rourke was back in the day.

Serjio and I talk about how great Christopher Nolan is and how spoiled we are by his Batman movies, and at this time the 3rd one hadn't came out yet. We talk about how great The Dark Knight was. Who remembers how fucking awesome that movie is. OHHHHHHHH SO Great!

Serjio says that he can't wait to see what Christopher Nolan will do next. This is what he did.

I was going to see this movie when we were done recording the podcast.

I talk about how Transformers 3 was better than Transformers 2. Serjio is disappointed in them.

That was about it. Thanks for listening if you came here by accident, then check out the podcast on itunes under It's Kind Of A Funny Podcast or go to and thanks for coming here and checking out the blog.

Until next week, have a good one.

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