Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Life, Bugging Out, and 440 pounds of Cocaine in a Pineapple

This week on the show Shawn joins Phillip to talk more about life. Shawn talks about how he has been sober now for 102 days. We discuss what we thought life would be like, and what we would do when we got older. Phillip discusses his writing, and being as he never did anything with it, it is one of his regrets in life. They talk about Armageddon and being prepared for any emergency. There was all kinds of stuff, but hopefully you will all enjoy it. Maybe not a barrel of laughs, but it is interesting.

Phillip and Shawn start talking about a possible new segment on the podcast where all the co-hosts record lines from one of Phillip's scripts and then he edits it together into a radio play. 

Just like the old radio shows. Here is a link to a great site for free radio shows from back in the day. http://www.radiolovers.com/

Phillip talks about how he went to high school career day and asked a police officer if they had anything like 21 Jump Street in the police department.

Then they talk about being prepared. Here is an article that Phillip shared with Shawn in an email.

They talk about seeing Jurassic World.

Phillip mentions some podcasts as well.

Shawn talk about the movie Deja Vu.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great night, a beautiful day, and a lovely week.

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